At MB Orthodontics, we’re dedicated to providing our patients with advanced orthodontic treatment options to discreetly and effectively help them achieve beautiful smiles. One popular way we do this is through esthetic braces.

Traditionally, metal braces are what many of us consider when we think about ‘braces.’ While they are the most economical of all types, the disadvantage with metal braces are that they are still very noticeable to others.

Clear esthetic braces are transparent in appearance, making them practically invisible when compared with traditional metal braces. If you want an amazing smile but worry that metal braces will give you the “railroad track” look, then clear esthetic braces may be an excellent option for you.

Certain types of esthetic braces are made to match the color of teeth, however, these are still visible to a degree as all teeth are not the same shade of white. Clear esthetic braces differ from other types of ceramic braces in that the brackets are completely clear, minimizing their appearance.

To discover the best choice for you, we invite you for a consultation appointment with Dr. Brown to discuss the options for your unique needs and goals.

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