Orthodontic Care Planned Around Your Busy Schedule

At MB Orthodontics, we understand just how busy our patients’ lives can be, and this is why we take every step necessary to ensure that your orthodontic care fits into your hectic schedule. Whether you need to make appointments during your lunch hour, after work, or in between classes at school, our staff will do everything possible to work around your life. Depending on the types services that you need, we can help you craft a schedule of appointments that will allow you to progress through your treatments in an efficient and pain-free manner.

“No Wait” Policy and Appointment Rescheduling

Our team at MB Orthodontics is devoted to utilizing state-of-the-art technology and proven techniques to help patients create the smile of their dreams. In order to improve your experience, we strive to be respectful of your time with our “no wait” policy. This is why we ask all patients to arrive on time to their own appointments and give us 24 hours notice if an appointment needs to be canceled or rescheduled.

If an emergency takes place on the day of your appointment, or if you are running late, we also ask that you notify our office so that we can make any adjustments as needed. If a longer appointment is required, our team will inform you of open appointments slots as far in advance as possible so that you can make the proper arrangements.


No one should leave their health or the appearance of their smile up to chance if they are having an oral health emergency. We are ready to assist you with any emergency oral health services. If appliances such as your braces become loose or uncomfortable, or if you are experiencing excessive swelling or other discomfort, please contact us immediately. In the event of an emergency after office hours, please call our office number at 972-317-4030 and your call will be redirected to our emergency phone line.